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Brighteon.  stew peters and natly denise.  Nov. 30, 2021

November 25, 2021

Brain storm 1:  Vaccine Refugees.  Winter, 2022

 A few words about this winter and preparing ourselves for the possible arrival of "vaccine refugees" in rural areas.

The uncomfortable possibility is approaching that we may have to defend our lands and our families and our security as rural counties.  Many are concerned that people from the city, may try to take what is ours.  We are well prepared to survive and thrive in the fields and forests and we will defend ourselves.    The survival and safety of our own families and communities are paramount. 

This proposal is intended as a jumping off point for discussion on ways to strengthen our position and to act in loving accordance with God's will.

The first group of vaccine refugees.  People.  Families.  Forced out of the cities after losing their jobs, their homes, their ability to get food and water because they said "no!".  These are unvaxxed people in desperate situations.  They may have something to share or to offer but even if they don't, they will come with skills, and abilities and professions that will enrich our communities and benefit all of us and them.  These people are not to be feared but befriended.  The love in our hearts and in our collective attitudes is abundant and powerful.  Let's think of ways we can share our wherewithal and guide these people toward survival and safety.  Now is the time that we need to expand on these truths with suitable ideas to prepare for them.  

My own direction of thought is as follows.  When people arrive, are found or find directives en route out of the city they will be delivered warmth and food and drink.  And directions.  We can help them with their voyage, shelter and provision but this will be a time of hardship.    Some may choose to accomodate people in their buildings or on their land.  That is up to them.  This proposal is not about private lands, but public lands: "crown" land.

There is a huge amount of "crown" land in Canada.  Once we find appropriate tracts of crown land for people to create temporary survival based communities that can be supplied and defended, we can as communities facilitate and to some extent "outfit" these places.  By thinking about this ahead of time we can somewhat control the outcome of these city-country migrations.    

Each area or "safe zone" could have a building or group of buildings or area nearby for staging and supply of the crown land zones.  These could be accessed by those of us that will help with the operation of this effort.  We could be called "guides" or "friends" or "stewards".   We can teach the people who are arriving how to build shelters, keep warm, fed, hydrated.  We will teach them about wildcrafting and using hand tools and surviving in the bush.  Some may need to become vegetarians.  Fine.  Whatever it takes.   These people will come with items and skills to barter with, and so economies can grow organically.

Snow is the greatest insulator we've got.    And soon, it will be plentiful.  Igloos,  and snow forts of all sorts can be built quickly and in all snow conditions. 

Besides being there for these vax refugees when the time comes, this initiative is intended to give people with no other options,..... an option.  They must not get the shot and we can help them with that.  

I propose coming up with a survival kit to give arriving groups.  Included would be simple essentials like lighters, blankets, tarps, rope, fishing line and hooks, shovel, knife, etc.   Older tools donated and fixed up.  Plastic cheap, farmers twine. etc. 

If we help these people they are on our side and will stand with us against any other type of visitors we may have to deal with.

So  the more love we share, the more love goes around and the stronger we all are.  God has this.  We are all instruments of and beneficiaries of ... his beautiful, wonderful Will.  Thank you so much, God, for giving us eyes to see and working through all of us for the betterment of your incredible world.  Thank you.

Vaccine refugees.  If you have anything you would like me to add.  email me:

November 19, 2021

I've, today, been thinking about the next step.  The kids are going to be o.k.ed  as of tomorrow.  5-11.  wow.  What a communal mistake Canada is making!

I'm trying to think ahead, towards supporting the future population while building up it's numbers and reducing the damage today.

 1. unvaxxed rescue.  some sort of drive to reach out to the unvaxxed who are isolated and pushed and in need of support.  especially the unemployed and locked out ones.  the vaccine refugees.  Some forward thinking would be prudent.  to consider the possible situations in 3-6 months.  winter squeeze.  by catalyzing some dialogue on this, the brainstorm will rain ideas and options.  Ideas that, in their discussion, will empower the fragile unvaxxed to stick to their guns.  At first the discussion will instill confidence because they will know we are here and we care about them, and in action it will create different forms of insurance or an impromptu "safety net" and community.

2. my friend Chris thinks we need to come back to the vaxxed understanding that when they say no at any point, they become  the UN-vaccinated.  So to me the next level of reduction is the base choice in the visual form of the letter Y.  two paths: trans-human or anti-vaxxer.  choice time. 

LETTER to the VAXXED  November 14, 2021

  There is LUCIFERASE in the vaccine.  and mostly graphene oxide, and you are now showing up on other people's cell phones as a number.  You are victimized.  you ignored contrary information.  You and the Evil society that you support are suicidal, ignorant and inept.  I am sorry that all of this makes you sad and conflicted but I warned you hour after hour for a year and you mocked me and couldn't wait for me to leave.  You never looked at any of the videos or information I put up for you.  My customers are dying daily... NOT FROM COVID!   From the Vaccine!  

NOw, We cannot eat in a restaurant or do anything.  THat's okay with you?  are you all completely crazy?   I know some of you think I should be in a camp along with the other unvaccinated!    Your weak ass society is being obliterated by your own ignorance...  and now the injected may never have children.  Way to go canada!,  compliant, creepy, canadian,  GORPS!

You have eliminated yourselves from our lives because you love CBC more than your own grandchildren.  CBC LIES.  you are suckers!  DUPED!  The vaxxed are being primed for AI and 5G connection and eventually cyborg existence. 

You are not as smart as you think you are!

 human , Chris.

watch this one: or don't... up to you. 

South African Physician warns of the bigger plan ‣ Dr Mark Trozzi (

November 10, 2021

There are powerful groups out there working for God and what is right.  They are stealth and unrepresented by a cabal owned media.   In any case, whatever happens, we have this.  Just avoid the trojan horses coming at you.  Masks, tests,  sanitizer, injections, processed food, bottled water, flu shots.... 5G through your devices, towers, streetlights, smart meters.  I know, there are many trojan horses!  Some we can avoid with decisions on how we spend, where we go and what we injest.  Where we go and what we do for work or leisure is impacted by what we injest... so be it.    Do not be coerced.  Nothing is worth getting or doing if being irrevocably damaged or much much worse is part of the deal.  QUIT YOUR JOB!  Why do you want to work for a person or institution that demands your self destruction!  QUIT!  Find an activity that doesn't serve blunt bullies that know nothing and take no responsibility for the possible outcomes of their demands.  Do something else.  Don't trade eternity for convenience.   YOUR FAMILY IS IN THE CROSSHAIRS!  

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NO SHOT.  that's it.  Nothing should convince you.  In the meantime, spend your mindful time hanging out with Jesus.   I am a beginner at that but I feel like we've been friends all of my life and I just didn't realize it.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit for filling my sails and thank God for everything.  Have a great day.   OH. IF you made the mistake, find all ways to detox metals from your system.  Oxygen is good.   Food grade hydrogen peroxide, Clorine dioxide.  etc.

Universal Symbol | Office of Marijuana Policy

Grsapdfhene Ozxide.  What is it?  How does it work? What does it do and how can we defend ourselves from it?   I want to suggest you look a little more closely at Grafshphhene oxzxide.  Here's a good video.  The voodoojuice is more than 99% Grazinwe soxiiide.  WHAT?  we need to know about this crap! Between us we can delve far deeper into this and then we can bring our discoveries and awareness to others.

. Here is the video.  Brighteon 



Convoy Against "Illegal" Vaccine Passport Arriving in ...Canada Unity Convoy - Canada Unity


Shikimic Acid daily may reduce your instances of clotting, getting the shakes, angina, numb extremities or other blood related aches and pains (or worse) that coincidentally appear after having the experiment performed on you.  I know of three sources of Shikimic Acid:


1. Pine needle tea or tincture (among the constituents of pine needle tea are shikimic acid and suranim both known to counter the blood related effects of the n'jection)

2. Star Anise tea

3. Fennel tea or tincture.

Pine needles?  I've only known of Eastern White Pine around here (Ontario and Quebec) for tea, but there are many types of pine world-wide.  Hit and find the best pine needles in your area.  If you are around  Ottawa or the Valley and you can't get fennel or pine needles, call me, Chris 613-829-7548.  I'll bring you some (free).  

August 17th, 2021.

Had some great conversations today.  People are opening up to some of the alternative information coming their way.  They are becoming suspicious.  I'm not sure what took so long, but I suppose, better late than never. 

The coercive and online nature of these  vaccine certificates and passports mean that anyone who stops doing what they are told concerning their healthcare will have their passport expire remotely and would then be forced to comply or be shut out of society until they do.  You are either "fully" vaccinated or you are an "anti-vaxxer".  If this happens to you.... be shut out.  Quit your job.  Change your situation.  Break away from this tyranny.  We will be waiting for you around the campfires, at the park and in the gardens.  You will absolutely not be alone.  We will come together and help each other through this without any bullying or coercion. 

STAND STRONG for our seniors and children.  Stand now for freedom!  Exercise your FREE WILL and put on the ARMOR OF GOD.   

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Chris and Violet the squirrel.

 ART WORKSHOP VIDEOS.  No materials needed.

The Creative Process.  with Chris  Parts 1,2 and 3

This short series of videos were created as online art classes in March of this year (2021).

They are about 45 minutes each.  The videos can be used for in-class, on-line, home schooling, or personal development..  These video workshops require no specific materials or supplies.  The program is ambiguous in order to include any and all creative options.  We are all creative beings.  How we use that ability, that gift, is up to us.  What you will do with your creative energy, from start to finish is defined by you.  If you would like to participate in the workshop, all you will need to start is a pencil or pen and some paper for jotting down ideas.   Or you can just listen in.

.These videos  are free.  These videos are excellent for this time, and uplifting for the children.  If you would like to contact me, is my e-mail. 

Thanks again.


CBC is not telling the whole truth about much of anything.  CNN, FOX, BBC, PBS, CTV,  same problem.

Find information on any number of platforms that do not censor info and videos like youtube, twitter, facebook, google.  THere, luckily there and millions upon millions of less popular platforms and websites out there that do not censor.  We need to hear from dissenting voices.  Doctors, victims, nurses, insiders, whistleblowers, researchers, scientists....   We need to have all of the information so we can make INFORMED decisions about how to protect our families and ourselves and likely our society and our ethical psyche.  PROTECT YOURSELVES!  NO MASKS< NO DISTANCE< NO JAB!  NO TESTS!   BACK OFF GOVERNMENT!  start a proper voyage of discovery with one of these platforms:

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Quick mention.  If we experience a food supply shortage for any reason;   personal or systemic, know this:  Dandelions, burdock root, lamb's quarters, wood sorrel, etc. etc.  These plants are available in abundance, everywhere.  They are edible and highly nutricious.  These plants warrant your attention so that we do not go hungry for lack of choices.  DANDELIONs and friends.  Free food everywhere.  Collect and dry all seeds that you get from your fruits and vegetables this season so that you have lots to plant or trade, next season.  

 hedge trimming   call chris at 613 829-7548 for a free estimate.  thanks


My name is Chris Pomeroy, I am an artist, arborist and hedge shaper.  I feel compelled to speak my mind and encourage discussion and development of creative solutions for our time based in love, compassion, respect and empathy for all life, born and unborn, 

 Thanks for coming by.  Anyone is welcome to call me 613-829-7548 about hedges, art. community or anything else.    Thanks again, chris

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                                                                                  HEDGE TRIMMING 2021

Groovy designs for all types of shaggy hedges and shrubs.  Free consultation.  Design and carving hedges or shrubs costs more than usual hedge trimming.  It just takes much longer and the results are much more striking.  While these sculptures are very cool to begin with, they get better with more density and sharper contours with each subsequent trimming. 




Cedar, yew and juniper shrub and hedge sculptures and relief carved hedges available. after consultation and preliminary sketches,  Each of these sculpted hedges is unique and needs to be trimmed annually. 








Commissions, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Carving, any and all types of creative projects.   Hedge carving and shrubsculpture design and creation.  call me.  Thanks, Chris  Pomeroy

Me, skiing at Camp Fortune, Gatineau Hills, Quebec