The 2019 Hedge Trimming season has started.   The trimmers are sharpened up and cedar recycling has started.  Call Chris today and I can come by and give you an estimate.

 for more information, call chris at  613-829-7548 (home phone)

Spring 2019Art Show at Simple, a super cool new lounge near Preston and Carling (on Champagne)

Commissions, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Carving, any and all types of creative projects.   I've had many media and styles over the years.  Check out my gallery section to see some of the works, styles and series that I've worked at over the years. 


Participatory cyclic dynamism machination.  Immersing the viewer as a necessary participant.  10 new works by Chris Pomeroy.   Coming soon.  Kinetic art.