Let's get that shrub or hedge looking unbelievable, unique and just plain cool.  I'm still carving and shaping. call me for a free estimate. 

As for the world right now, let's be grateful for all we have.  someone else is certainly worse off than we are.  We need to be thankful and loving and here for each other.  Including those being unfairly portrayed or taken advantage of in a frenzied world.   Maybe things aren't always as they seem.   I know you are probably someone here to check out my hedge trimming,  but maybe you'll also find some truth.  thanks for your visit.  chris 

be love. 

WE HAVE TO LOOK OUT FOR CHILDREN.  ALL OF THEM.  EVERYWHERE.  vaccines, chemtrails, emf radiation,  food additives, water additives. RFID Chips.  Just don't believe them when they tell you that these things are benign. They are not.  We know how to do Research.   It is time to do so.   Look at all sides of every issue and decide for yourself what to do.  MY BODY.  MY CHOICE.    you are  a free individual.   Do not let them vaccinate you or your children until you find out what is in those vaccines and  if those vaccines are safe.   I am not an anti-vaxxer.  I am in favour of safe vaccinations.  Currently, those do NOT exist.  Please make your decisions once you have as much information as you can find.  Don't trust anyone.  Don't trust what I say!  I am a hedge trimmer encouraging you to do research.  I am your alarm clock.  Wake up and get to work.   

Exosomes – Biogenesis, Structure and Significance

Exosomes are small spherical to cup-shaped nanoparticles/membrane vesicles (30-100 nm in diameter). They are generated in the late endosomal compartment through inward budding of multivesicular bodies (MVBs). Pioneering studies documented the generation of exosomes in differentiating reticulocytes as a result of the fusion of multivesicular endosomes/MVBs with the plasma membrane. However, later studies established that exosomes are actively secreted by almost all cells through exocytosis either constitutively or through induction, under normal or pathological conditions, and in a dynamic, regulated and functionally relevant manner. In experimental and clinical settings, exosomes have been isolated from a range of cell lines (primary, hematopoietic, cancer, and/or virus infected cell cultures) as well as from biological fluids (serum and plasma) and other body fluids (bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, pleural effusions, synovial fluid, urine, amniotic fluid, semen, saliva, etc). Exosomes contain multiple proteins, lipids, DNA, RNAs (mRNA, miRNA, ncRNA), and even biomolecules for viruses and prions.


Biogenesis and Molecular Composition of Exosomes

Biogenesis and Molecular Composition of Exosomes


Exosomes have the ability to transfer information in the form of their contents, thus acting as signalosomes, either locally or by travelling to distant tissues wherein they influence various cellular functions. Some of the biological processes which are regulated by exosomes are:

  • Cell metabolism and signaling
  • Development and regeneration
  • Cell adhesion and motility
  • Immune response, inflammation
  • Exchange of pathogenic proteins/organisms
  • Tumor progression and metastasis
  • Stemness and reprogramming
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neural development, homeostasis and
    neurodiseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and ALS)

We shouldn't ignore the third world in their time of need.  Besides being so economically vulnerable to covid 19, locusts are making things much worse in parts of Africa.

We can't stand by as a holocaust of starvation kills millions.   

 Research what 60 ghz frequency does to oxygen molecules in the human body.  If you are suspicious of world events, follow your gut.  Look into it.  These videos are informative.  Learning all sides of current concerns is important for our future. 

Communication.  Empathy.  Compassion. Love.

We must align our positivity and boost our health with sunshine, exercise, healthful plant heavy meals and lots of laughter and music.  No room for fear, anger or hate.  Love.

Cedar, Yew, Juniper.  Shrubs carved and sculpted into a celebration of abstract form, line and shadow.  We can discuss options.  Call me.  I'm not a text guy so you'll need to call leave a message at 613 829 7548.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  I work in Ottawa but I'm willing to travel around eastern ontario if it means carving a sbrub into a unique form.

Groovy designs for all types of shaggy hedges and shrubs.  Free consultation.  Design and carving hedges or shrubs costs more than usual hedge trimming.  It just takes much longer and the results are much more striking.  While these sculptures are very cool to begin with, they get better with more density and sharper contours with each subsequent trimming.  If I sculpt your shruberies,  I hope that you will have me back annually to improve and maintain your living sculpture.   Call me and leave a message.  I'll get back to you.  Thanks.  Chris

I know this website is a mess... I'll get to it.  Stay healthy. 

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Cedar, yew and juniper shrub and hedge sculptures and relief carved hedges available. after consultation and preliminary sketches,  Each of these sculpted hedges is unique and needs to be trimmed annually.   Call me with any questions you may have.  








Commissions, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Carving, any and all types of creative projects.   Hedge carving and shrubsculpture design and creation.  call me.  Thanks, Chris  Pomeroy 613-829-7548

Me, skiing at Camp Fortune, Gatineau Hills, Quebec 



This is my son, Luke Pomeroy, doing some wicked kayaking in 2019.