Crabapple tree before sucker removal

Crabapple tree after sucker removal

Now is the time to get the very best deals  on getting your trees and hedges back into shape.  Call 613-829-7548 for a free estimate.  If I dropped a flyer at your place, you have a tree, shrub or hedge that could use some work.  I have been trimming and thinning trees and hedges in Nepean for nearly 25 years. 

Crabapple  tree before thinning and shaping

Crabapple tree thinned and shaped

Winter 2020 Pruning and shaping  trees  all winter long

Ice Storm and Heavy Snow Damage :Cleanup and Tree Repair. Winter storms will often break branches and parts of your trees.  This doesn't mean your tree has to come down.  It just needs some work.  I will get up in your tree and trim up damaged areas, removing limbs where needed.   I also clean up branches that have fallen in your yard.

Ornamental trees (crabapple, apple and other fruit trees) thinned out of suckers, congestion and deadwood, can then be reduced, balanced and shaped.  Full cleanup included in every job.  

Larger Deciduous trees, (maple, linden, locust, birch etc.) I remove deadwood (dead branches, if not removed, will wick moisture into the healthy parts of a tree and spread the rot).  I remove extra branches and suckers from overgrown and congested trees.  A good thinning will improve the health and appearance of your trees.  Call Chris for a free estimate.  613-829-7548


Any sized hedge with any amount of overgrowth can be reduced, trimmed and improved.I have been trimming overgrown hedges all winter long for many years.  They come out looking as good as any other time of year, with no harm.   Any hedge is good to trim in winter, as long as it is free of snow.  With Ottawa's, up and down winters the snow comes and goes from on top of the hedges.  The most overgrown hedges usually wave in the wind and shake themselves free of snow quickly.   They are ready to be reduced.   When I trim hedges, I lay out tarps to catch the trimmings.  In winter this keeps them from mixing with the snow and makes my cleanup easier.

If you found a flyer in your mailbox, it is because you have a tree or hedge that could use some attention. 

call Chris at 613 829-7548 for a free estimate. 

Winter Shrub Work.  Transform your shaggy shrub, this winter.  




Cedar, yew and juniper shrub and hedge sculptures and relief carved hedges available. after consultation and preliminary sketches,  Each of these sculpted hedges is unique and needs to be trimmed annually.   Call me with any questions you may have.  These hedges can be trimmed in winter too.







 If you'd like your shruberies or hedges to become part of a new artform;   to become living sculptures, and add a unique element of form and style to your yard and your life, give me a call.   I create these sculpted hedges all winter.  


2019  You'll find some of my paintings at the Presse Cafe, 1545 Carling avenue in Ottawa

Commissions, Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, Carving, any and all types of creative projects.   Hedge carving and shrubsculpture design and creation.  call me.  Thanks, Chris  Pomeroy613-829-7548


It's winter and there's snow in the woods.  Camp Fortune...  Stupendo!  tune: US3 Cantaloop

This is my son, Luke Pomeroy, doing some wicked kayaking in 2019.